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Titan Battery Tester

SD Card Reports

- fully Windows compatible

- easily print any report

- permanent records

- records graph


Our Titan Testers are a great way to  get accurate results and save time. They are our TOP SELLING equipment product for all customers.

State Of The Art

- large colour LCD touchscreen

- graphic display

- two inbuilt chargers

- Auto Test mode

- Intelligent Charge mode

- 7-120Ah per channel

SD TitanMay16 TitanMay16

The new Titan touch screen is an easy to use, micro controller based dual Battery Testing Sytem, designed to provide a full charge and accurate discharge test for 12 volt batteries in the range 7-120Ah. It is ideal for testing the performance of batteries used in electric Golf Buggies, Mobility Scooters etc.

Testing a battery couldn't be easier, simply connect the batteries and turn the unit on. The battery will firstly charge to maximum capacity before entering the testing mode. At the end of the test the battery will be charged ready for use, and a full report will be displayed on screen before being saved to the SD card for transfer to your computer. You won't want to be without it.


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"Great bit of kit. Put it on before we go home, next morning testing is done and the batteries are recharged ready to go if they passed."

Mobility Services Plus, Lancashire

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