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Safety & Security

Before you purchase a new scooter, it is advisable to think about the following points:



If you are considering purchasing anything over the internet, you should first ensure that the company or individual:

has provided a contact or trading address and telephone number, not just an email address

has provided Company Registration and VAT Registration details where appropriate

has a written privacy policy (safeguarding your personal details from inappropriate use)


All too often, we hear of money changing hands for products that are never received. SCOOTERTECH deals with trusted, established distributors only - please feel free to contact us for confirmation prior to purchase. If in doubt, ask questions, a bonafide trader will not mind at all!



Ensure you observe the Highway Code and are fully conversant with the user manual. Take particular care when travelling in pedestrian areas. Remember to use your lights and horn when conditions dictate.



Remember to remove your key when leaving your vehicle unattended. Store your vehicle in a secure area, such as a locked garage or shed - make sure it is dry/frost free.



Ensure you maintain and service your vehicle on a regular basis. Your local distributor can do this for you, or call us.



Remember to mark all your property with your Post Code. The Police can often trace items quickly when provided with this information. Make a separate note of your valuables, serial or model numbers. NEVER leave cash or personal identification with your vehicle and ALWAYS ensure you have sufficient/valid insurance cover at all times.