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Rolling Roads

Rolling roads enable static testing of all makes of mobility vehicles (but can also be used with other items such as golf buggies or cars etc).


Conveniently portable - take them with you to work where you like. The rubber base minimises slip and slide, as well as reducing vibration for a more accurate diagnosis - a worthwhile investment.


A handy aid to diagnosing faults, they will last for years and won't take up much space. They are easy to find amongst other workshop equipment, finished in a Vivid Red.


Heavy Duty - Powder Coated Finish

Both Durable & Portable


Test the performance of Batteries, Motors, Gearboxes & Wheels under close-to-road conditions without having to drive miles!


Approx dimensions of each item: 31 x 31 x 10 cm (width x depth x height)


Weight: approx 7 kgs each


Sold in pairs only - FREE Standard Delivery included.

2016 Rolling Roads


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